About Us

Sinatra Uniform is committed to customer service.

Officers come in many shapes and sizes, and Sinatra has been serving the Police community for over 50 years. Sinatra uniforms are tailor-made for Police Departments throughout Southern California. Using our own patterns and materials your uniform is made to fit you comfortably.

A Brief History of Sinatra Uniform

Sinatra Uniform has been synonymous with quality, custom made law enforcement uniforms for over 35 years. Sinatra Uniform is the premier custom uniform maker in Los Angeles, previously located at 226 West 27th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007 before moving into our newly renovated facility on Olympic Blvd. The staff at Sinatra Uniform produce the finest quality uniforms for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Los Angeles Sheriff Department (LASD), and California Highway Patrol (CHP). Sinatra Uniform is also the first choice for the motion picture industry, as well as funeral escort services all over Southern California.

What makes Sinatra Uniform different from other uniforms? At Sinatra Uniform, we start with the most important component of the uniform, you. Our customers come in different shapes and sizes, We are not a one size fits all shop.

When you walk in the door at Sinatra Uniform, we listen what your needs are. Regardless if you need your current uniform altered, or are looking for is a custom made uniform, we will take your measurements from head to toe and custom tailor your uniform. Your measurements remain on file in case you need another shirt or pair of trousers. Provided your measurements haven't changed, all we need to start a new item is your word and a credit card.

Sinatra Uniform is dedicated to making you look good and feel comfortable. At Sinatra Uniform, anything can be done. Need your sleeves longer? shorter? Maybe a tapered fit? Do the pockets need to be raised, lowered or reinforced for a back-up weapon? Are you pregnant? Sinatra Uniform can make a uniform for you too.

Sinatra Uniform has a wide range of patterns designed for a comfortable fit. After all you will be in your uniform all day, you should be comfortable. In addition, Sinatra Uniform, has its own fabrics and materials. For long lasting daily use uniforms Sinatra Uniform has a heavy duty wool fabric, in addition too its medium weight material for those who like a softer material with the same durability.

Sinatra Uniform is a custom uniform manufacturer, meaning we can literally cut and tailor a uniform especially for you. As such, our custom made-to-fit uniforms will take to between 2-4 weeks If you need them for an inspection or an interview.

Sinatra Uniform carries a wide variety of accessories as well, along with an on-site shoe shine for anything from shoes and boots to your Sam Brown gear.