100% Polyester Long Sleeve Uniform Shirts

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Color: White

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Size: X-Small

Size: X-Small
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100% Polyester Long Sleeve Uniform Shirt

The Polyester Long Sleeve Uniform Shirt is a versatile and practical garment designed to provide both comfort and a professional appearance for a wide range of work settings. Crafted from durable polyester fabric, this shirt is ideal for individuals seeking a long-lasting and low-maintenance uniform option.

With its long sleeves, this uniform shirt is suitable for cooler climates and situations where a more formal look is required. The polyester construction offers several advantages, including resistance to wrinkles, fading, and shrinking. This ensures that the shirt retains its crisp and polished look even after multiple wears and washes, making it a dependable choice for professionals.

Key Features

  • Patch Pockets and Pen Compartments

    Embrace the sophisticated appeal of this long sleeve uniform shirt, featuring pleated patch pockets with scalloped flaps. The thoughtful design not only enhances the aesthetic but also provides a practical solution for storing essentials. Keep your writing tool at the ready with the pen compartment in the left front pocket, ensuring you're always prepared to put your thoughts to paper.
  • Rigid Pointed Collar

    The pointed collar adds a touch of refinement to your ensemble, making a statement of your attention to detail that also keeps your collar in place.
  • Military Creases and Epaulets

    Crafted for a commanding presence, the shirt is accentuated with 5-point military creases and button-down "X" stitched epaulets. These elements not only offer uniformity but also project an air of authority and precision.
  • Epaulets on Both Shoulders

    Epaulets grace both shoulders, adding a touch of authority to your appearance. These thoughtful accents not only enhance the professional aesthetic but also provide a functional platform for additional gear or insignia.
  • Sturdy Sling Badge

    Display your credentials with pride using the sturdy sling badge tab designed to keep your badges securely fastened and prominently visible. Your professionalism is showcased with every stride.
  • Placket Sleeves and Cuffs

    Experience a tailored fit with placket sleeves that include adjustable cuffs. Fine-tune your attire to match your preferences, ensuring optimal comfort throughout your day.
  • Convenient Machine Washable Fabric

    Engineered for ease, this uniform shirt boasts machine washable fabric that defies stains and wrinkles. Spend less time on maintenance and more time making your mark.