Ryno Gear Two Tone 100% Polyester Bike Patrol Short Sleeve Polo Shirt with Zipper Pocket

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Color: White and Black

White and Black
Yellow and Black
Royal Blue and Black
Safety Green and Black
Yellow and Navy
Royal Blue and Navy

Size: X-Small

Size: X-Small
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Two Tone Bike Patrol Shirt with Zipper Pocket

The First Class Two Tone Bike Patrol Shirt with Zipper Pocket is a purpose-built garment designed to meet the specific needs of bike patrol officers and other active professionals. This shirt seamlessly combines functionality, visibility, and comfort, making it an essential piece of gear for those who require mobility and practicality in their roles.

Featuring a two-tone design, this shirt incorporates high-visibility colors strategically placed for enhanced safety and visibility during patrols. The contrasting tones not only improve visual recognition but also contribute to a professional and authoritative appearance.

Key Features

  • 100% Polyester Moisture-Wicking Material That Keeps You Dry

    Crafted from 100% polyester with moisture-wicking technology, this shirt is more than just a uniform – it's a moisture management system. Stay dry and comfortable even during the most demanding shifts, as the fabric efficiently wicks away perspiration, leaving you focused on the task at hand.
  • Reflective Stripes

    Safety is paramount, which is why our shirt features reflective stripes. These strategically positioned accents provide enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring you remain visible and safe during night patrols or in areas with reduced visibility.
  • Zipper Pocket Under Reflective Stripe

    Incorporating innovative design elements, our shirt boasts a strategically placed zipper pocket beneath a reflective stripe. This intelligent fusion of utility and safety ensures that your essentials are not only within arm's reach but also securely stored. No more compromises between convenience and visibility – our shirt offers both.
  • Epaulets on Both Shoulders

    Epaulets grace both shoulders, adding a touch of authority to your appearance. These thoughtful accents not only enhance the professional aesthetic but also provide a functional platform for additional gear or insignia.
  • Mic. or Glasses Loop under Buttons

    We understand the importance of quick access to equipment. That's why we've integrated a mic or glasses loop under the buttons, allowing you to keep your essential tools within easy reach.
  • Pen Pocket on Left Sleeve

    The pen pocket on the left sleeve further streamlines your efficiency, ensuring your writing instrument is always on hand.
  • Vented Sides

    This shirt offers both functionality and comfort, featuring a useful arrangement with vented sides. Designed for active professionals, this shirt ensures easy storage and optimal airflow, making it a versatile choice for bike patrol officers and active duty personnel.

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